Top Tourism Site Award

The Top Tourism Site Award is awarded to leading New Zealand travel sites that enhance New Zealand as a travel destination. Each site must comply to criteria set by New Zealand Tourism Guide.

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Recent Winners

These are our recent award winners, or you can view all past winners.

24-06-2019 - Awarua Guides

Awarua Guides offer guided, tailor-made adventures, accessing a variety of Fiordland's pristine wilderness and surf destinations in remote South West New Zealand. Their website is a showcase of parallax scrolling excellency, and the imagery used is truly majestic - a true showcase of New Zealand's spectacular environment!


10-06-2019 - Anatoki Salmon Fishing & Cafe

Anatoki Salmon Fishing & Cafe is situated on the banks of the Anatoki River between Kahurangi and Abel Tasman National Park and is a unique freshwater fishing activity. Their home page features an absolutely stunning image of a Chinook salmon, giving you a definite idea on what to expect from this experience. The lavish imagery continues throughout this informative responsive website, ensuring a truly pleasant user experience.


27-05-2019 - Mai Travel

Mai Travel invites you to Aotearoa (New Zealand), one of the most unique countries in the world. They have the exclusive connections to enable truly authentic moments. And if a website could win on images, then Mai Travel is a stand-out here. Laden with glorious imagery, not only is this a beautiful website, it does a magnificent job of promoting New Zealand as an amazing travel destination!


20-05-2019 - Taupo's Floatplane

One of the top things to do in Taupo is to take a flight on Taupo's Floatplane! Enjoy a unique flightseeing experience over Tongariro National Park, the Bay of Plenty and, of course, Great Lake Taupo. Their website greets you with the stand-out feature - a captivating background movie that's neatly packaged in a professional responsive layout, graced with sublime imagery!


13-05-2019 - Donkey Bay Inn

The Donkey Bay Inn - Operatic, artistic, iconoclast, sensual and enigmatic. Enter via the garden tunnel and into the inn's private courtyard and experience the unique and wonderful world of Donkey Bay. Their website is elegant and classy and features captivating imagery site-wise, with a unique responsive layout. The Emperor's Suite page is a definite stand-out!


15-04-2019 - Abba Court Motel

Abba Court Motel is a family friendly motel equipped with excellent facilities, and a range of warm, comfortable and affordable self-contained units right in the heart of New Zealand's tourist gem, Queenstown. The homepage on their website displays dazzling imagery and gives a true highlight of what you can expect when you're in Queenstown. This website is expertly designed, features parallax scrolling on a fully responsive layout, providing a fantastic user experience.


08-04-2019 - Wilkin River Jets

Wilkin River Jets & Backcountry Helicopters provide the ultimate in shallow water jet boating and back-country helicopter flights, as you journey amidst native beech forest, ancient river valleys and rugged ice-capped mountains, or combine this trip with a spectacular heli-jet combo. Their website is next level and it feels alive as you journey through it, and the page animation is nothing short sensational! This is a stunning browsing experience!


25-03-2019 - Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve

Kaiteriteri is the gateway to the world renowned Abel Tasman National Park and the Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve is the place to be if you're seeking world-class mountain biking, boating, sailing, kayaking and hiking. Their exceptional website has it all; a professionally-designed responsive layout, parallax scrolling, outstanding imagery, and clear site navigation. Bonus points for the live chat feature that you can use via Facebook Messenger!


11-03-2019 - Dawson Falls Mountain Lodge

Nestled at 905m above sea level within the beautiful Egmont National Park, Dawson Falls Mountain Lodge invites you to feel nature's heartbeat right on the slopes of Mount Taranaki. Thy win this week with a website that is beautifully presented, easily navigated, and features picturesque imagery highlighting the natural beauty of the area!


04-03-2019 - Black Sand Tours

Black Sand Tours offer the best adventure day-trip in Auckland, where you can experience swimming in crystal-clear waters, rock-scrambling, hiking, sand-dune sliding, and cave exploring! There is so much to love about this website; the logo, gorgeous imagery, background-movies, and the responsive layout. The stand-out feature has to be the way the page animates the perspective shift when the main menu is clicked.


25-02-2019 - The Tora Coastal Walk

The Tora Coastal Walk is one of the most-loved privately run walks that New Zealand has to offer. Located in the southern Wairarapa region, The Tora Coastal Walk covers a range of stunning and diverse scenery. Featuring phenomenal imagery site-wide, this website is pure delight to browse. The responsive layout is skillfully executed and one of the stand-out features would have to be PDF maps!


18-02-2019 - Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferries

Experience a taste of warm 'Kiwi' hospitality, stunning scenery, and friendly service, when you cruise Cook Strait with Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferries. They win this week with a new professionally-done website that is elegant and features beautiful images throughout the site, and a fully responsive layout is bound to catch your attention. The page about their fleet is a stand-out!


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