Previous Winners : 1999

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20-12-99 - Americas Cup 2000
Full news and information about the Americas Cup 2000. This site has been warming up for the big event since 1996!

13-12-99 - New Zealand Mountain Bike Web
Any mountain-biker would be delighted with the detail on this site. Rides, events, clubs, shops, ezines, live auction and more...

06-12-99 -
This site just gets bigger and better every year. The definitive site for the NZ snow industry.

08-11-99 - Charters New Zealand
Hi-impact graphical site with great shots of their luxury charters. There wouldn't be a better way to watch the Americas Cup!

01-11-99 - Air Fiordland
Evocative photos and stylish layout has given Air Fiordland a top-class site.

25-10-99 - Puerta del Sol
Mexico comes to New Zealand! A visually enticing site presenting a classy golf retreat.

18-10-99 - Whitianga and Mercury Bay
A well-presented regional site that successfully informs about a fantastic area of New Zealand.

11-10-99 - New Zealand Tourism Board
NZTB's site provides very useful information on tourism news, research, trade and media.

04-10-99 - New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museum
This comprehensive and interesting Web site is full of information for the aviator and aviation enthusiast.

27-09-99 - Kiwi Paka YHA
An informative and vibrant Web site representing a unique accommodation experience in Rotorua.

20-09-99 - Stoneleigh Vineyard
This well-designed site offers an attraction well worth a visit. Promotes the local region very well.

13-09-99 - Boarder Zone
A comprehensive site that would satisfy any snow boarder. Extensive graphics, moving pics and heaps of info.

06-09-99 - Pete Zed's Web Page Thingy!
A non-commercial view of New Zealand. This is a wonderful site for intending visitors. Well done Pete!

30-08-99 -
One of the most useful sites on the NZ Web. Information and Web cams showing surf action and weather.

23-08-99 - Cornucopia Lodge
A fast-loading, attractive site using peachy colours. A boutique lodge located just outside of Napier.

16-08-99 - Hollyhock Inn
An attractive site with easy navigation and original page layout. A great place as well!

09-08-99 - Heritage Expeditions
A quality Web site for a unique company offering Sub Antarctic and Antarctica expedition cruises.

02-08-99 - The Master's Lodge
Great visuals of this luxury retreat based in Napier. One of the top accommodation options in NZ.

26-07-99 - Riverton Rock
An innovatively designed, easy to use site coming live from the bottom tip of the South Island.

19-07-99 - Aucklandnz.Com
A comprehensive and informative representation of the Auckland region. Hi-impact layout!

12-07-99 - NZ Wedding Album
Original presentations of NZ wedding packages. Run by a very successful online operator.

05-07-99 - GINZ
A world-class, comprehensive travel bureau catering to a wide-range of NZ tourism activities.

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